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Cheryl Frick

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04/22/17 11:17 AM #2    

John Armstrong

Steve said it best but I do remember Cheryl as such a nice, pretty, quiet, and sweet lady. It is too bad for us that her time here on earth was so short.

04/23/17 10:49 PM #3    

Becky Clark (Hubbert)

 I also remember Cheryl well, and with great fondness.  I have thought more about Cheryl and Elaine Lefor than almost any other classmates during the last 50 years.  I sometimes wish that they had known how highly I thought of each of them. But I remind myself that it wouldn't have mattered; depression is an ugly and sometimes deadly affliction. 

04/24/17 04:51 PM #4    

Linda Krug (Gerdes)

Cheryl was always a special person.  Her Mom was a close friend to my Mother and we all attended Trinity Lutheran Church together.  She was a shy but beautiful human being.  She has been greatly missed throughout these years.  Hope to see her again sometime in Heaven.  With Loving memories, Linda Krug Gerdes

04/28/17 01:36 PM #5    

Karen Decker (Boyer)

I sat by Cheryl in one class.  I thought she was one of the most beautiful girls in school.  RIP Cheryl.  Your time on earth was much too short.

04/30/17 03:04 PM #6    

Dona Hicks (Lambrecht)

I sat near Cheryl in a class too. She was the epitome of grace. I wondered after her death, if there was anything I could have said or done to let her know her worth to this world.

06/07/17 12:16 PM #7    

Jeri Schaeffer (Guthrie-Corn)

Our dear friend Cheryl died way too young,  We missed you then and we miss you now.  We were all so close, and we regret that we could not see the depth of your despair and know how to intervene to help.  We love you still and forever, Jeri, Ina Rae and Shelley.



08/24/17 12:04 PM #8    

Ina Belue (Cannell)

It's been hard to post a comment, but to feel that after all these years I haven't said anything is worse. Cheryl came to see me her last night, I was the last person to see her. I was surprised when she came, I had a date planned and tried to convince her that I could change plans and do something with her. I wish I had been more insistent, yet I think she was very controlled and knew what she was planning. Cheryl, you were dear friend and because of you I knew I wanted to teach children and help them whenever I could. You made me a better person and you have been missed after all these years. God bless your forever sweet spirit.     Ina Rae

08/25/17 03:02 PM #9    

Dan Reno

Cheryl was a special person and as everyone has mentioned it is just too bad no one could see the pain she was enduring at the time.  It is great to hear what she meant to everyone and that she has not been forgotten after all these years.   RIP


08/25/17 04:10 PM #10    

Dirk Lee

One can see the pain in her eyes...I do remember her...probably because she was so beautiful, yet I don't know if I ever talked with her...being shy myself...She died before even graduating? Seems I would remember that...


08/26/17 05:28 AM #11    

Jeri Schaeffer (Guthrie-Corn)

Dear friends, classmates,

I am very touched by my dear friend Ina's comment.  It is true that she has dedicated her teaching life to children in need of special attention--a noble tribute to Cheryl.  I add two memories to this sad saga.  First, a few days before her death Cheryl invited Ina, Shelley and me to see some decorating she had done on her dresser.  She had lined the drawers with velvet and proudly displayed her work.  We were too young and naive to see the sign she was giving us.  I have many times thought of this and hope that young generations now would get the message.  Second, Cheryl had told her father that there was a slumber party at my house on the night she died.  The next morning Mr. Frick called to ask me if the party was over, and I knew at once something was very wrong. My sister and I jumped into the car to look for Cheryl in the neighborhood, but it was already too late.  Dearest Cheryl, rest in peace.  Jeri


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