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Sandra West (Goldberg)

BIRTH:  March 6, 1949, Billings MT

DEATH: August 28, 1991

Sedalia Colorado:

Sandi West Goldberg, 42, daughter of  John and Lois West, sister of Nancy Martin, Barbara Murphy and Jock West passed away of August 28th of cancer.

Professionally, Ms. West Goldberg was a respected speech pathologist and early childhood special educator. She was a pioneer in developing services for young and at-risk children in the early 1970's. She was an active team member with the Sewell Early Education Development Program, a nationally recognized model program for young children with disabilities and their families.  In the Cherry Creek school district near Dencer, CO, she spent 15 years, first as a team member of the Early Education Program and then as coordinator of early childhood special education programs.  Among the honors Ms. West Goldberg received were the Chan Carman Memorial Award for her outstanding contributions to the mental health of children and the governor's award for oustanding service to the children and families of the state of Colorado.  She was a national speaker and consultant in the field of early childhood education.  In addition to her career accomplishments, she was president of the cooperative preschool her children attended and a Colorado State University master gardener.

Ms. West Goldberg was born March 6, 1949 in Billings.  She graduated from Senior High School where she participated in many community activities.  She attended Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA and was a member of The Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. She went on to earn her master's degree in speech pathology at the University of Denver.  She married Hal Goldberg on Sept. 27, 1980.  Their children are Shauna, 9, and Alyssa, 7.

Ms. West Goldberg's family remember her as a deeply loving woman with an exceptional zest for lifenwho was, for them, both a maevel and a model.

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04/12/17 01:18 PM #1    

Annette (Annie) Cousins (Newton)

Sandi was the total package--kind, sincere, smart, fun to be with and, pretty to boot!  I knew her at a young age through our church and reconnected shortly after graduating from UNC.  She worked for the Cherry Creek early childhood program and she helped me with networking while I was looking for similar work.  I'm so glad she found true happiness with her husband and girls.  She left us way too soon.  Sandi, we love and miss you!

04/13/17 06:18 PM #2    

Kathy Hunkins (Dobbels)

Thank you for remembering Sandi in such a nice way Annie. I miss her too!

04/26/17 02:56 PM #3    

Jeanne Cox (House)

As a shy newcomer to BHS & not knowing too many people, Sandi West came into my life at a crucial time! Sandi was so kind and welcoming. We had a great time in Pep Club! I visited Sandi several years later when she & her husband were in Denver. She was as welcoming and hospitable as when we first connected at Senior High. Sandi left us too soon, but easily earned her wings, of that I am very certain.

08/26/17 12:42 PM #4    

Bruce Litwin

Sandi went to Lincoln and I went to Lewis & Clark so we met sophomore year at BSHS. She asked me to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance with her in the spring. I did not have my driver’s license yet, so she drove and picked me up in her new yellow convertible Mustang.  I know some of you remember her and that car. Sandi and I were relatively close through high school and the first two years of college – she at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA and me at West Point in New York.  She, two girlfriends, and I took the train from Billings to Chicago and then New York City over Christmas break 1968. We spent time in the City and they visited West Point with me.  After sophomore year of college Sandi transferred to University of Denver and she and I drifted apart. I was destined to go into the Army and she was developing doubts about the Vietnam war. Realistically, after two years of college I’m sure Sandi realized that there were more fish in the sea.

Sandi was talented, friendly, intelligent, energetic, patient, kind, loyal – a truly fine human being. She was also tough.  I remember her telling my about having surgery to correct scoliosis when she was at Lincoln. She had the surgery and they inserted a rod in her spine. I believe she said she had to stay home for several months to recover. During the recovery period her parents and the school arranged to have a communications box placed/moved to each of her classes so she could attend long distance and keep up with her school work real time at home. She accomplished it with flying colors. None of her health issues stopped her from being totally involved in many activities in high school including the physically demanding Majorettes. Sandi was a role model and someone we all admired.

I think all of us who knew Sandi were saddened when we heard of her untimely death in 1991 at such a young age.  I noted from some of the other Memorial comments that Sandi had a good career and a loving husband and daughters in Denver. She was blessed in that regard. After experiencing my mother’s death, after a really tough 3 year battle with cancer, I empathize with Sandi’s family’s agony in their loss. As Irving Berlin said “the song is ended, but the melody lingers on…” We each carry a note of Sandi’s melody within us.  She is missed.

My parting thought is that Sandi would have been wonderful Grandma!!!

08/27/17 11:33 AM #5    

Linda Krug (Gerdes)

Bruce what beautiful words you spoke of Sandi.  I did not know her very well but did have some classes with her.  Sandi was truly a beautiful person inside and out.  I remember what a kind, friendly and loving person she was.  May you RIP and will always be thought of as a gracious and beautiful human being.

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