In Memory

Ron Novasio

Ron Novasio died suddenly on Oct. 10, 2007. Ron was the oldest son of Bert and Shirley Ann Novasio. He is survived by his two brothers, Mike (Gretchen) and Gary (Arleen) and his four nieces Christy, Anessa, Yvonne and Nina. He is also survived by his girlfriend of two years, Katie Lockwood.

Ron graduated from Billings Senior High School and also earned a bachelor's degree in Business at Eastern Montana College. Ron continued to be a lifelong learner. He often went to the Eastern Montana College library or Borders to expand his knowledge.

Ron brought several mining rights and was involved in developing successful oil wells in Wyoming and Colorado. He also owned commercial property in Billings. He lived the life of an entrepreneur. He also worked as a painter, less for the money than the activity of it.

Ron loved riding Harleys and owned several trikes and bikes. He went to Sturgis for several years.

Ron was a world traveler, having seen most of Europe, Central and South America. He especially enjoyed visiting Latin countries, where he could practice his Spanish-speaking skills.

Ron adored his four nieces, referring to them fondly as his "mouses" or his "minxes." He was able to treat two of his nieces, Yvonne and Nina, to a trip to Cabo San Lucas last year.

Ron was a bachelor who generally practiced serial monogamy. He always left his relationships as friends. Ron was a good friend, reliable and generous. He was generous to family members as well. His nieces and ex-girlfriends considered him a guardian angel, always ready to lend a helping hand. All of us will miss his big heart.